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PCBA testing is the vital point of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and it is used to validate the functionality of the product, the manufacturing processes and the quality of the components. It is a major part of our work to deliver reliable and guaranteed products and we have a team own 8 test engineers which would ensure the working products be delivered on time.

If you have any test plan for your PCBA boards, please let us know when ordering the PCBA boards. We take quality as our first task and we ensure all working PCBA boards would be tested well before shipment. Testing process includes IQC, IPQC, PQC and FQC. And we can do visual inspection, In-circuit testing (ICT),  Functional testing (FCT), AOI, IC programming and BGA X-Ray testing, etc. following the specified testing plan.

Feel free to email us at sales@zfpcba.com today for your electronics engineering projects.