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Components Procurement +MORE

ZF Electronic is a professional turnkey PCBA manufacturer and we also do components sourcing/BOM kitting services for our customers to save the time and cost. With our 10+ years components sourcing team, we can always help our customers to get the new & original components in the quickest time at best prices. And to allow for production loss, extra spare components (normally 5%) will be purchased.

Our electronic components sourcing service is not only for mass production but also available for low-quantity orders (started in 2012). We have a 10+ years components sourcing team, specialises in sourcing low-quantity components, and researching possible alternatives and substitute parts. We understand that the price is not the only consideration for components sourcing. Quality, lead time, and consistency of service should rank high on the list of things to consider when making a purchase.

Customers should understand that as the component sourcing/BOM kitting involves a lot of work, the quote will take about 1-3days and the detailed components cost cannot be provided for small orders. Normally, after get your order, the components lead time would be about 10-14days (the time to get all components ready for assembly). In the unlikely case that the price we quoted is not acceptable to you, you can choose to provide the components yourself. In this case the lead time will start from the date when all the parts and components are ready with us.

Full turn-key service

With our standard components supply chain, we can offer full turn-key PCBA service for you which means we can do all components sourcing/BOM kitting job (i.e. we source all components that shown in your BOM file on your behalf). We ensure all components are new & original. 

Partial turn-key service

Customers provide the main devices and components while we source the rest.


Customers provide all components for assembly.