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Turnkey PCB Assembly Quote

Send the Gerber data & BOM file (download Our BOM Template for reference) to sales@zfpcba.com and let us know the quantity, we will quote you the full turnkey PCB Assembly service within 2-3days (including PCB manufacture cost, PCB assembly cost, components cost and the rough lead time). If some components no need or need be provided by your side, mark them out in the BOM file.

We available for rigid PCB assembly, flex PCB assembly, flex-rigid PCB assembly, 0201, BGA 0.3mm pitch and Hybrid assembly, etc.


PCB Manufacture Quote

Send the Gerber data or .brd file or .pcbdoc file or .pcb file to sales@zfpcba.com, let us know the quantity and the board specification you required (if no specification, we will quote based on the files). We typically can quote you based on the Gerber in just a few hours. 

We available for FR4 PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, HDI PCB, Aluminum PCB, Copper PCB and Rogers PCB, etc.


Get Layout Quote

Just email us as much information as you can to help us understand your electronic project clear. We’ll check and ask for anything else if we need. Normally, we can return a quote in less than a day. Also please let us know how many you will start on your first run.

We can also do reverse engineering service, just let us know the board layer & size and send us some clear pictures of the PCB or PCBA boards, we will quote you shortly.

Emailsales@zfpcba.com | Call us at: 086-0755-23218920