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We have done turnkey PCBA service for 10+ years, with our professional components sourcing team, we can always help our customers to get the new & original components in the quickest time at best prices. 

We have a lot of stocks for Sumsang capacitors and Uniohm resistors. So for capacitors, Sumsang or the manufacturers specified in your BOM file will be used standardly. For resistors, Uniohm or the manufacturers specified in your BOM will be used standardly. Other main active components will be purchased as same as the BOM required. And to allow for production loss, extra spare components (normally 5%) will be purchased. More information please contact sales@zfpcba.com.

Components Procurement

Full turnkey (We provide all components as the BOM list required) 

Partial turnkey (Customers provide the main components and we provide the rest)

Kitted/Consigned (Customers provide all components for assembly)